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Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
       WMCO will choose the best keywords for you and your
       business based on actual visitor search data directly
    from Google and other key sources. Matched with proper
    page titles, content and links  your website will perform as it
    should. Our reporting and tracking is a road map for success.
    Teaching you how to read and understand reports available
    for you is key to good SEO. We must share the same goals
    and information, it's a team effort. One of our main promises
    is that you will never have to answer this question ( what
    does your SEO company do for you) with a " I do not know".
    Targeting Keywords that produce the most visitors to your
    site is the first step whether WMCO is building a website for
    you or creating a Foundation Report for your existing site.
    Our reporting not only tells which keywords are best but it
    goes well beyond what most companies offer, we can also
    tell you how difficult it will be to gain first page dominance.
    This is critical as some competition for the most generic and
    sought after keywords is so high we would just assume to
    stay away and let others fight over this real estate. We find
    those keywords that others pass by because of their lack of
    knowledge and information. It is a lot like hunting. Yes we all
    know the top counties in the country for big deer but what we
    do is show you the land that is less pressured therefore your
    overall success rate ends up being much higher.

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    The next step is website content writing, being in the Hunting
    but understanding what Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking
    foris even more important. The Internet was and is based on
    information which means the more words on a page the more
    important that page becomes. Having the right words on that
    page has become more and more key to your success. It is
    software that reads your website. It has no feelings or
    understanding and only knows what you tell it. This software
    does not care if you sell pencils or $30,000 deer
    hunts but it does care about the words you use to describe
    your products. With the mobile market emerging and voice
    command for your cellular phone or automobile becoming
    almost standard you must target the Who, What and Where
    which has added a completely new level to Search Engine
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    Linking websites in your industry shows that you are sharing
    information specific to your topics, services and products
    just like a handshake. This digital handshake now tells the
    software important to each other and all information relates
    (it is much more complicated than this but you get the point).
    This type of strategy is another level and a very important
    piece of the SEO puzzle. The more websites that intermix in
    this web of friendship the more powerful the group becomes.
    WMCO helps to cultivate these friendships within the industry
    for you. This type of SEO can be the difference between a first
    page result (90% of all visitors do not go beyond the first page
    of a search) and the second page where only about 10% of
    buyers will continue to search for their needs.

    One more thing about back links is that it is important to be
    sure who is linking to you without your knowledge. We have
    the tools to research this as it can have a negative effect as
    well when a less than desirable site is linked to you. Most
    SEO marketing companies will not do this but a competitor
    that has the knowledge also has the means to try and keep
    you down. We make sure this is not happening and if we do
    catch this we make sure to eliminate the problem quickly!.

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    Optimization of your video and pictures is another important
    way to gain valuable real estate on the Internet. Most images
    have a file name something like img_00987. This does you
    absolutely no good as far as optimization goes! By adding an
    Alternate Tag specifically about that picture like "DEER
    HUNTING in YOUR STATE" you now have the ability for that
    picture or video to rank in an keyword search. Understanding
    the keywords your are targeting and matching the keywords
    for that page will increase the value of that page overall.
    When someone searches for that keyword in video or images
    you will rank and have the opportunity for that perspective
    hunter to simply click on your image and go directly to the
    page where that picture resides. Remember hunters are
    visual, more so than the average person, so pictures and
    video are critical for your Hunting Industry Website Design.
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SEO Content Writing
Link Building SEO
Video SEO

    Once your website has been optimized it is time to track your
    results.  By watching your keyword rankings in Google,
    Yahoo and Bing (20 other locations available if desired as
    well as your competitors) we track your movement as it
    progress's. Each month we use Google Analytics for visitor
    flow, landing pages along with several other key statistics.
    Also each month we will review your rankings and discuss
    what is necessary to keep moving up for your primary
    keywords. Once per quarter we provide a detailed overview
    of every keyword, images and video rankings. This is the
    road map we follow and it will guide you to what content is
    needed and any adjustments necessary for those prime first
    page results and gives us a plan for the next three months.
    Tracking is as important as your keywords!

SEO Reporting

    The below sample is a partial listing of a keyword research specific to
    Whitetail and Trophy deer hunting. From left to right we have the number
    ranking where 1-17 are hidden. To the right of the keyword phrase it
    states how many words are in the phrase then list a mathematical
    calculation of how difficult it would be to reach this phrase, anything in
    green is attainable from an SEO stand point. Then you see a level of
    medium and high which dictates the competition level. We would be
    targeting the medium competition phrases as your primary keywords and
    the high level phrases as your secondary phrases on any given page of
    your website. The number at the far right is Google's average search visits
    per month. This number tells us if it is even worth using the term Trophy
    Deer Hunt and I am sure you would agree that if we were limited (there is
    a limit of keyword phrases per page) I would not even consider wasting
    time for 10 visitors a month when there is thousands to gain in other areas.
Samples of SEO Research and Reporting
Common Keyword Mistake

    The below sample is a common keyword mistake made by SEO
    companies who are not familiar with the Hunting Industry. Many will target
    "White Tail Deer" (4,400 visitor's per month) which is Webster
    Dictionaries grammatically correct way to spell this phrase. It is clear that
    I, as well as 22,200 searchers per month (avid hunters) spell it "Whitetail
    Deer" compared to the 4,400 per month with Webster's version. As you
    can see it is also lower on the list and more difficult to reach that prized
    first page. If we were limited I would only target Whitetail Deer. Though I
    might target White Tail as a secondary phrase but ask your self. Of the
    4,400 searches how many of them have hunted deer before and are they
    searching for a hunt or information? I vote information and from this report
    it shows that many others agree as you only will pay about $0.06 per visit
    for a Pay Per Click Campaign compared to $0.77 per visit for Whitetail
Sample Keyword Ranking Report

    This is an actual Keyword Ranking Report provided for one of our clients.
    It is greatly reduced as we are targeting a little over 100 keyword phrases
    and looking at 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. This report was
    provided without Google images rankings and they had no You Tube
    running at the time of this report. They have 128 First PLACE Rankings!
Sample Back Link Check

    version of our detailed reporting. It will give you a good idea who has
    linked to you and who you would not like to link to your website. If after we
    run this report we find concerning activity we recommend a full back link
    check and quickly determine a course of action for repair.