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Using proven SEO practices, WMCO will help your website perform like the Inbound Marketing Engine it should be. Increase visitors to your website which leads to more contacts or sales naturally. Our Website Audit, Keyword Research, reporting and tracking is a road map for your success. 

We provide you with all the tools and knowledge so you understand what it takes to outperform your competition.

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Facebook Social Media Marketing (SMM) Consulting and Training is provided so you can manage Facebook at your own pace. NO ongoing monthly costs required. Connect with the right customers and Grow your Likes by Thousands. Learn How to Manage a Facebook Campaign, What to Post and How Often, and most importantly When to Post an Offer.

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Walker Media Company is the next frontier in Internet Marketing for the Outdoor and Hunting Industry. Our staff is compiled from some of the top marketing and advertising companies in the U.S. all with a passion for the Outdoors. WMCO brings a level of knowledge your hometown design company will just never achieve. We are a team dedicated to the development of long term strategies and commitment to our clients. Providing a sound platform for marketing growth and plans that don't break the bank. All marketing recommendations are tailored around your needs, not ours. Specific to the outdoor industry we provide the marketing tools, vehicles, data, and knowledge to grow your business in ways others can only wish to achieve. Learn more about The Walker Media Company

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  • Not enough traffic to your site?
  • No contact forms coming in?
  • No hunts booked from your website?

A Free Website Audit provides you with a quick picture of several key factors that can be weighing you down. We identify immediately if anything major is wrong and explain in detail the findings. Learn how to see for yourself what Google and other search engines are looking at and how your website is performing.

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Welcome to The Walker Media Company where we provide Internet Marketing for the Outdoor and Hunting Industries. Our business is building your business and speaking your language is the only way to be truly successful on the Internet. We are a team of hunters that go way beyond the average weekend warrior. As a Guide, Outfitter, Nuisance Control Hunter for both Deer and Hogs, I'd say we understand what works and how to brand your business just a little better than most. If your existing marketing efforts are with a company that cannot tell you the difference between a feeder and bait pile or the definition of a 230" whitetail then how can they effectively communicate to your potential clients or customers? This is why working with a company that specializes in what you do can make such a big difference in how successful you are. At Walker Media Company you will learn about the most profitable Internet Marketing products available to you today and how you can use those same tools specifically for your business model and products whether it be manufacturing or hunt sales we are here to help. Note: we are not a booking agency but if you are interested in booking/sales assistance simply give us a call or drop us a note and we can recommend a couple really good companies.

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What We Do


WMCO will separate you from your competition and increase your Internet visibility so it is easier for your next client or customer to find you and make that buying decision. 

WMCO puts our background to work for you tailored to your goals and budget. Your website is the foundation of your Internet presence and will teach you Internet best practices so you understand what we do and why we are so successful. The more you understand the more you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available to market your business. We help to develop a plan to increase your Internet presence with sound Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and exclusive opportunities through our own marketing websites.

Internet Marketing for The Outdoor and Hunting Industries

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Outdoor Photography 

Outdoor Photography for the Hunting Industry is a lot more than just snapping a picture. The right light, stageing, enhancements to the image itself to create that near perfect photo is critical. We can add logos to your existing photo's and/or color enhancements. Onsite professional photography will yield fresh images of lodging, game animals, stands, meals, hunter harvests, product shots, and enough images to reskin your website and posts for facebook for an entire year.

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Search Engine Marketing


Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing 

Now Known as Google Ads (SEM) Consulting Services and Training is provided to help you understand How Pay-Per-Click works and gain the edge over the competition. NO ongoing monthly costs required. Learn How to build Effective Ads, How to Choose The Best Keywords for Your Business, and

How to Generate More Contacts & Sales With a Lower Budget.

Advanced Website Audit


A poor performing website is simply a pretty brochure. Your web design needs to be tuned for today's stringent guidelines. The Advanced Website Audit is a complete review of all the necessary items to get you found on the web and your foundation for success. It starts with the mechanics, a review of your website's user experience, keyword research, page density, and a current ranking report so we can detail your strengths. This is the roadmap to successful rankings. Without this information you are just throwing darts in the dark.

SEO Friendly URL


An SEO friendly URL is simple. Use a keyword phrase that people actually type in every day for your domain/URL. With the the proper web design you will easily obtain first page result. Eighty percent of SEO friendly URL sites can expect a number one ranking in less than a year. We are so confident in our ability that WMCO now offers a no rank, no pay guarantee for all SEO friendly URL website designs.

Website Design


Outdoor and Hunting Industry Website Designs that not only look fantastic but are easy for you to make adds moves and changes all by yourself! Includes a Free how to video explaining the basics of navigation, image changes, and content changes so you only pay for services when you absolutely do not have the time yourself. Using a Custom Site Builder or Wordpress template we have a Standard turnaround time less than four weeks with two week express available for most Hunting or Outdoor Web Designs.         

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Video Marketing


Video Marketing is one of the most productive and inexpensive methods to promote your business on the Internet today. A website that has a video commercial produces an average 30% higher closing ratio than other websites. Websites with a high quality video retain visitors for a longer period of time which lead to better rankings per Google.​ Hunters search for hunt video and product reviews!

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