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One of our favorite thing to do is outdoor action photography. Being hunters we understand how to get the right shot, stay out of the guides way, and most of all try to be invisible to the client. Most of the time this service is combined with a full portfolio of images of your location that includes lodging inside and out, live game animals, harvested game animals, and a ton of extras. 

Being able to capture a moment that will make someone wish they were there or own the products is always the goal. After we leave a location you will easily have a complete package to update most pages of your website, enough photo's for a year of Facebook and Instagram marketing. Usually about 350-500 photographs will be taken and usable images will generally be between 10-20%. We can archive images for your download when ever it is convenient for you.

Manufacturer Product Photography

Whitetail Photography

Cellular phone images are the worst I have to say. They are perfect for that quick save a moment photo and upload to facebook but they have a major problem focusing at night. The other problem is most people seem to think that you take a picture the same way you hold the phone to your ear, vertical. In order to make the most from an image it needs to be held horizontal so you get photo dimensions like above. Give us a call or drop us a note and we can recommend a few camera's under $100 that you can give to your guides or use yourself. These inexpensive digital cameras are very high quality with less features which make them very easy to use and handy.

Whitetail Photograph enhanced

Give us a chance to make you look great!

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Image Enhancements, Editing, and Graphic Design

Hunting Photography Services For The Outdoor Industry

Windham Weaponry Booth 2017 NRA Show

Image enhancements for your existing photo's is the quickest way to improve quality for use on your website, brochures, facebook, logos, banners and so on. Walker Media can fix many things from poor lighting or adding HD. Maybe it is removing blood from a downed animal, heck we have even removed items as large as gas cans from the background of a beautiful trophy shot. It happens to the best of us and most of the time we can fix it. Adding your logo or words to any photo is also possible for that little extra security and branding.

Hunting Manufacturer Photography
Hunting Photography Image
Alligator image enhanced

Trade Show, Brochure, and Catalog Photography

Hunting product photography in the field and in action to use on your next trade show booth or annual brochure and catalogs. We are honored to have our work utilized for Windham Weaponry at both the NRA show and to make their 2017-2018 annual catalog cover. High quality images of your products at work in the field is a must for today's shoppers. Tell us what you want to show and we will produce, from hunting to tactical and everything in between. We make available property for year long photo services which you can attend and hunt if you choose. We offer big game animals like Hog, Whitetail, Elk, and exotics for harvest photography as well as urban settings for tactical applications. Let's take it up a notch and produce the image, quality, and message that you need to increase your market share.

Quality Manufacturer Product Photography can be a challenge. Using a trusted Outdoor Industry company for a good product representation should go unsaid. Being outdoors and showing the products with natural lighting is how we prefer to get the message across. Every product featured here could have been laid on a table but we prefer to add the message of quality, dependability, durability, and that your product delivers superior results. Many times your images are used in additional marketing on one of our other hunting specific websites along with a review. We take pride when we put our stamp of approval on a product because it is our reputation on the line as well. You are more than just a client to Walker Media Company and we put that effort into capturing your vision on still photography.

Hunting Photo enhanced

Outdoor Action Photography

2017 Windham Weaponry Catalog Cover
Windham Weaponry Booth NRA Show 2017

Good quality Photography is a critical component when displaying your company image. The Hunting and Outdoor industry foundation has been built on a quality presentation of either your game animals or lodging. Even today some outfitters and ranches still bring their prize photo albums to trade shows. Personally those are the first to get my attention because I know if they have been in business that long they must be pretty good. In today's fast paced information super source, the web, people can quickly see the best ranking photo's of any state, any game animal, top hunting lodges and so on. The competition has grown and you must stand out from the crowd. Need a DVD that you can use at your next trade show? We can produce just about anything you will need when it comes to photographs for our industry and give you that image of excellence.

Alligator Hunting Photography
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