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The Advanced Website Audit will provide both of us with critical factors that lead to higher rankings like, page content analysis, keyword research, a benchmark of keyword rankings for your website, as well as anything and everything that may be broken or missing that could be critical to Google or other search engines.

You will be provided the exact items and locations needed to provide performance and optimization enhancements or fixes your website needs. Whether it is a new site design or existing website you must make sure it is compliant with current Google SEO standards. 

Your Advanced Website Audit will provide the data necessary to plan an effect SEO strategy for your website. The Walker Media Company is very flexible in determining your needs. We identify the most critical mechanical factors first which could be weighing down your site and provide cleanup services in a very short period of time. Only after a cleanup has been performed for your website can its search engine optimization operate at peak performance.

In most cases a detailed website audit and tune up/cleanup can increase your current rankings by as much as 10% with no additional work. That could be the difference between being top of the 2nd page or last on first page for a keyword search result. No matter the position, our main goal is first page results. 

Google, Yahoo, Bing and others do not issue the "How to Reach The Number 1 Result For Any Keyword Phrase" manual. They give you some specifics and leave about 60% as trial and error for most. If you do not see this type of data from your current tech company then what are they doing and how are they helping you grow? 

Optimizing your website performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads, and increasing revenue.

Also included in your keyword research is Google Adwords Campaign Research. This takes the guess work out of preparing an AdWords budget and targeted keyword phrases. Google profits by the amount of money you spend each month to a tune of about 60% of the company's overall revenue. They want you to spend more money that's why they don't give you the whole picture. We can calculate the amount of clicks by the average cost so you do not overextend your budget which produces far better results for you. About 80% of all first time do-it-yourself Adwords attempts fail because they not have this type of data. Going in blind and just grabbing phrases with high search amounts will just eat your budget and who can afford that?

Google Adwords Keyword Research 

Mobile vs Computer Searches

Advanced Audit Keyword Research

Traffic from mobile devices is growing faster than anyone could have predicted. Optimize your website for mobile or you'll miss out on valuable traffic, leads, and revenue plain and simple. This is a sample of a Google AdWords Campaign and over 85% of the views and clicks came from mobile devices. 

We review together and look at Security (SSL) certificates and how they can protect websites from attacks and give visitors confidence that your site is authentic and trustworthy. Also reviewing the ranking value a SSL can have on your website.

Keyword Density is included for you in your audit. We first determine which keywords your site targets now and how your keywords have been used in your website. This is a sample of the keyword density report that is furnished to you for each page of your website.This sample is of our own Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection website home page prior to a rebuild. 

The proprietary software we use in-house for changes and research is much more detailed but we find this layout is much easier for you to understand.
You must have good quality content and use specific words and phrases for your page in order for your Outdoor Industry website to achieve maximum rankings.

Keyword Ranking Detail

Keyword Research is a must to find the most targeted phrases that best match your products and services. We review thousands of combinations to find the most visited with the least amount of competition for you. Then finding out where your website exactly ranks for your current keywords and our recommendations is critical for setting the benchmark and tracking your sites improvements. The full ranking report is viewable as often as you would like but recommended only once each quarter.​ Your Rank report will include Target Keyword Search Phrases, Current Ranking for Google, Yahoo, Bing and others if you choose. The corresponding page within your website that ranks for a specific search phrase is used to understand which pages need additional SEO for ranking improvement.

Advanced Website Audit
Summary Keyword Research Report

 4XX Status codes
 Improperly redirected pages
 Mobile Friendly
 Broken Links
 Pages with excessive number of links
 Broken images
 Empty Alt Tags
 Empty Titles
 Duplicate Titles
 Empty Meta Descriptions
 Duplicate Meta Descriptions
 Too Long meta descriptions.
 Keyword Usage for all primary pages and content

​This is another version of a ranking report showing only Google rankings. This report shows 24 phrases that moved up and 1 moved down. The green numbers show how many places since this report was last produced. This is a very easy way to review your SEO progress. We make suggestions based on this data for future website tuning. In our industry, prospective hunters search by state 95% of the time and rarely do they search by town. Most out of industry SEO companies spend needless time focusing on local rankings because that is the kind of business’s they focus on. Though important, your state, game animal, or products are more critical to your success in most searches than your town.

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Google Adwords Keyword Research

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Advanced Website Audit

SEO is not a mystery, it is practical uses of data and putting it in the right places. Rankings do not happen overnight and it takes time and hard work all dictated by google and other search engines. The longer you wait the longer it will take for results. Call us now to discuss in more detail what we can do to increase traffic to your website and how this all works or let us run a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT and review to get a feel of the health of your site.

Keyword Density Research

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