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AdWords Competitor Research
How Do Your Competitors Use Google AdWords

How Do Your Competitors Use Google Ads

Local Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Claiming your listing is easy to do, adding information about your business enhances the listing. You are now located in all Google local searches within 45-60 miles from your address, which again adds more exposure over your competition. This provides an easy way for others to find your business, hunters can easily use this on any mobile device, and it is a great place for past hunters to give you reviews for your business. The reviews from your Google My Business page can play a big part in your listings performance in local search. You should encourage your happy customers or clients to review your biz on Google and consider offering incentives for reviews. Google's local pack is now made up of a map and three listings. The listing searchers see are mostly made up of where they are currently located. If you click one of the listings it takes visitors to Google Maps with an extended view of the business they clicked on. Every business with a physical location needs to complete their set-up. Best of all Google charges nothing for this listing service so there is no reason not to get started today. ​

All Inbound Search Engine Marketing is designed to target a specific consumer, one looking to buy hunting trips or outdoor products. Advertise with Google AdWords ads next to Google search results to boost website traffic and sales. With Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) keyword campaigns you use a Rifle approach to marketing. Targeting precise buying phrases that people search everyday like "Deer Hunting Trips in your state". Those people most definitely are interested in buying a hunting trip in your state and you need to be there when they are looking. Contact us for a phone appointment to discuss exactly how we would market your business and how a PPC campaign has increased sales for so many others. We offer both campaign management services and consulting services so there is no need for a monthly commitment.

Top Competitor AdWord Ads

Sample of Google Ads Listings

Local Search mass update programs can place your business information across a variety of quality directories (not just Google). Manually filling out all the data could take months. With one place to enter your data you now can increase your Internet presence for your local listing in all the major directories. Accuracy of your business information is critical and this is a quick and easy way to increase your visibility.

Just like the example of "where to deer hunt in Kansas" they show only 14 total results in Google maps. How many outfitters are there really in Kansas? Do the same search in google maps for your state and see what the competition is doing or how many do not show up at all.

More places, more faces, more sales!

Let's Take it up a Notch with your Local Search Engine Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing

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Local Search Engine Marketing

Just like any public land hunting, you need to know where the other hunters are. That's right, How Do Your Competitors Use Google Ads? Competitor Research for PPC is all about data gathering. We have sifted through hundreds of thousands of ads, basically all the ads your competitors have ever bought. By using the historical bidding records we can determine which phrases have been there most successful and which ads produce the best results. How much do they spend per month and what success rates you should achieve. It is like finding which stand produces the biggest bucks year over year on any property.

Why reinvent the wheel when we can simply replicate success!

Taking the Guess Work Out of Google Ads

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Google offers a limited amount of information to guide you through the process that's why 8 out of 10 hunting industry companies fail at PPC campaigns and will never try it again. Preparing for your Google Ads Campaign with detailed research is a must to prevent wasted marketing dollars. Your research will include Keyword Phrase Research, reviewing expected clicks, cost per click for each targeted phrase, and helping you Define an Expected Monthly Pay-Per-Click Budget for a successful campaign. 

To the left on your desktop or above on mobile you see a sample of a search in Google for "deer hunting outfitters in Missouri". At the top you see in grey about 156,000 competing website pages for this specific search. By utilizing Google Ads and running a PPC campaign you would be found in the top three (3) listings or on the right column of this search. This is an older search but easier for you to read. Marked in yellow are three PPC ads running on the first three results returned for this search starting with Missouri Deer Hunts. On the right side of the page you see an entire column of advertisers marked with a yellow Ads button starting with Monster Whitetails.

This form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a ring your regester type of tool. It creates inbound leads that will either call or email for additional information.

Local Search starts with a Google Maps or Google Business setup! Making sure your pin placement is actually your location address and not in the middle of nowhere. The hunting industry is different because most locations are remote so Google pays less attention than an address in the middle of downtown New York. We make sure to do our best and correct any mistakes made by Google. We have a 90% success rate in getting your location corrected.

Google AdWords Research
Local Search Engine Marketing
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