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From the above picture you can see exactly what google likes and dislikes about links. Links are an important part of Search Engine Optimization and the right links are a must. Two examples of good links are relevant to the page or website. A Hunting Ranch would link to Nadefa and an Outfitter would link to QDMA. Both discuss whitetail deer and have an impact on what you sell. A poor link for an Outfitter or Ranch would be Bass Pro unless you sell an accessory and are a manufacturer then let's link up! 

The Backlink research also gives us a listing of every website on the internet that has a link going to your site. We check each website and make sure it pertains to what you do. WMCO can then create a plan for increasing your quality links and if we find concerning activity then quickly determine a course of action for repair.

One of the biggest challenges of either building a new website or enhancing your existing site is page content. When looking for first page results it is the relevant content that is on the page that makes the difference. Website Content Writing Services are available from the Walker Media Company. Working with someone in the Hunting Industry for these services is critical but understanding what Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for is even more important. The Internet was and is based on information which means the more words on a page the more important that page becomes. Having the right words on that page has become more and more key to your success. It is software that reads your website. It has no feelings or understanding and only knows what you tell it. This software does not care if you sell pencils or $30,000 deer hunts but it does care about the words you use to describe your products. Let us take care of the rest.

Hunting Industry Specific Content Writing Services

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

Website Backlink Check
Keyword Ranking Summary Report

Optimization of your video and pictures is another important way to gain valuable real estate on the Internet. Video is searchable in Google as you can see from the slide show. One of the searches was "Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch". This is very generic and not specific to any state. Yet the number one video you see has been uploaded and optimized by Walker Media Company. Don't miss out on this really good form of branding. The percentages for hunters watching video compared to many other sports is amazingly high, especially on smart phones. Optimization of your videos is a very economical way to invest in your marketing and it only needs to be done once.

Images work very similarly, especially for Trophy caliber animals.  in that someone can search for deMost images have a file name something like img_00987. This does you absolutely no good as far as optimization goes! By adding an Alternate Tag specifically about that picture like "DEER HUNTING in YOUR STATE" you now have the ability for that picture or video to rank in a keyword phrase search. 

Existing Website Backlink Check 

Once your website has been optimized it is time to track your results. By watching your keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing (20 other locations available if desired as well as your competitors) we track your movement as it progress's. Each month we use Google Analytics for visitor flow, landing pages along with several other key statistics.
Also each quarter we can review your rankings and discuss what is necessary to keep you moving up for your primary keywords. As you can see each one of the keyword phrases is listed at number 1. The green number and arrow means that is the positions moved since the report was last run. Once per quarter we provide a detailed overview of every keyword phrase you are targeting. This is the road map we follow and it will guide you to what content is needed and any adjustments necessary for those prime first page results. This is what gives us a plan for the future.
Tracking  your movement is as important as your keywords!

Search Engine Optimization for Your Hunting Videos

Link Building for Good SEO

Keyword Density Research is the next step. Reviewing your websites most important pages for what keywords actually exist. Did you think you were targeting hunts in fact you have used hunting more times in the content for a specific page. The Full Website Audit covers this and more. Making sure each of your website pages has proper Titles, Images with Alt Tags, and specific Keyword Phrase linking strategies. This is just a partial sample of what we review with you when we discuss your SEO planning. We do the hard work so you can monitor and see the results.

Your Web Page Keyword Density Research 

Linking websites in your industry shows that you are sharing information specific to your topics, services and products just like a handshake. This digital handshake now tells the software important to each other and all information relates (it is much more complicated than this but you get the point). This type of strategy is another level and a very important piece of the SEO puzzle. The more websites that intermix in this web of friendship the more powerful the group becomes. WMCO helps to cultivate these friendships within the industry for you. This type of SEO can be the difference between a first page result (90% of all visitors do not go beyond the first page of a search) and the second page where only about 10% of
buyers will continue to search for their needs.

One more thing about back links is that it is important to be sure who is linking to you without your knowledge. We have the tools to research this as it can have a negative effect when a less than desirable site is linked to you. Most SEO marketing companies will not do this but a competitor that has the knowledge also has the means to try and keep you down. We make sure this is not happening and if we do catch this we make sure to eliminate the problem quickly!.

Search Engine Optimization For The Hunting & Outdoor Industry

Link Building For Search Engine Optimization

WMCO will help you to choose the best keywords for you and your business based on actual visitor search data, directly from Google and other key sources. Matched with proper page titles, content and links  your website will perform as it should. Our reporting and tracking is a road map for success.
Teaching you how to read and understand reports available for you is key to good SEO. We must share the same goals and information, it's a team effort. One of our main promises is that you will never have to answer this question

with a " I do not know" (what does your SEO company do for you). Targeting Keywords that produce the most visitors to your site is the first step whether WMCO is building a website for you or creating a Foundation Report for your 

existing site.

Don't let a good website design go to waste. Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your website is just an expensive brochure. The Walker Media Company wants you to understand how this works and why it is necessary in order to achieve first page results. WMCO provides either a complete SEO plan where we provide all services or SEO Consulting Services with a roadmap for you to follow. Starting with the right research and data specific to the Outdoor or Hunting Industry we will create a strategy just for you with your goals in mind. It all starts with Keywords and Content!

Our reporting not only tells which keywords are best but it goes well beyond what most companies offer, we can also tell you how difficult it will be to gain first page dominance. This is critical as some competition for the most generic and sought after keywords is so high we would just assume to stay away and let others fight over this real estate. We find those keywords that others pass by because of their lack of knowledge and information. It is a lot like hunting. Yes we all know the top counties in the country for big deer but what we do is show you the land that is less pressured therefore your overall success rate ends up being much higher.

Understanding the keywords your are targeting and matching the keywords for that page will increase the value of that page overall. When someone searches for that keyword in video or images you will rank and have the opportunity for that perspective hunter to simply click on your image and go directly to the page or Youtube Channel where that picture resides. Remember hunters are visual, more so than the average person, so good optimization of pictures and video are critical for your Search Engine Optimization to be successful and your site to rank higher in searches.

Search Engine Optimization Tracking Report
Keyword Research

This is an actual Keyword Ranking Report overview targeting a little over 100 keyword phrases and looking at 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. This report was provided without Google image rankings and they had no Youtube running at the time of this report.

They have 128 First Place Rankings and almost 300 in the top three which yields about 12,000 visitors per month throughout the year. Forty percent of those visitors are for whitetail and they produce about 115 hunts per year. Not everyone needs this amount of hunts nor do you need to target as many keywords either. It is all relevant to your needs not ours.

Search Engine Optimization Reports and Tracking

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