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Walker Media Company Refund Policy

At Walker Media Company, LLC we pride ourselves on the work we accomplish and the leads we generate for our clients. Though marketing and advertising is not a guaranteed results product we achieve great successes with the research and efforts put into providing our valued clients and customers with results.  

Results are defined as leads either to a phone number or website depending on the type of campaign. Walker Media Company cannot guarantee the number of leads generated nor can we guarantee that the client/customer will generate sales from the leads provided. 

All the campaigns recommended and developed by Walker Media Company are custom in design and research. All campaigns and products are developed based on the individual business needs of our clients/customers. A tremendous amount of research goes into the development of the campaigns and are considered a final sale (All Sales Are Final) and a refund will not be provided for any services Walker Media Company offers. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us in writing with a detailed description of your questions.