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Let start by saying we do not disrupt your existing website! What we do is build a new, fresh site that can be monitored, optimized, and completely tracked by WMCO for optimum results (your existing site remains
unchanged and this is a completely separate website). We tailor your new SEO Friendly URL website to our specifications and to the URL matching your products or services. Ultimately placing your information in front of more people so you sell more products or services.
One Example would be our Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection website which we have as a Internet Marketing website for outfitters, guides, and ranches. It has been live now since March 1st 2014 and we rank first page for well over 500 different keyword searches. Try searching something as generic as "Hunting Ranch Reviews" or "Deer Hunting Ranch Reviews" or "Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch Reviews" and you will see just how powerful this is. Using a SEO Friendly URL is the next level in gaining the edge on your competition.

SEO Friendly URL For The Outdoor and Hunting Industry

SEO Friendly URL

Did you know that there is not a restriction on the amount of websites you can own? A Search Engine Optimized Domain Name, SEO Friendly URL​, or Internet Real Estate all mean the same thing. It is using a Keyword Search Phrase, a phrase that people regularly enter for a search. One example of this would be Portable Hunting Blinds. Portable Hunting Blinds is owned by Badgerland Hunting Blinds. When you go to this website you can see who to call, the full business name, and all other details. Josh now ranks right along side the largest competitors like Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Walmart, and Sportsman's Warehouse.

With a URL/Domain that is a common search term you too can capture additional visitors looking specifically for your products or services. It is about ten times easier to reach first page results with an SEO Friendly URL. 

What We Do and How SEO Friendly URL's work

Remember that SEO takes time but a SEO Friendly URL takes much less time to move into first page results. When you do reach first page results it will yield immediate additional website visitors for you. Using a SEO Friendly URL means additional pull for search engine optimization. As we have mentioned before that WMCO specializes in the Outdoor and Hunting Industry. It makes a difference and most of your peers will agree that using a company without this experience is just like going hunting with someone who has never shot a gun before. You are probably in for a long day.

We take all the headaches out of the web design process. We can take care of everything, including the content writing if necessary, all you do is simply provide the images and video. Every town has a main road which most retail business's would like to be on because it generates the most traffic. We own hundreds of URL's (Internet address's) specific to the hunting industry and make them available to you so your information is subjected to the highest traffic possible and ultimately you will do more business. The more places you are in, the more people will see you, the more business you will do.

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