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Hunting ​Video Marketing for your products or services is proving to be as valuable as your website for building Internet presence. Turn Visitors into sales by showing just how your product or service performs under actual conditions. A perspective hunter wants that feel of excitement and the visual assurance they will see game, along with knowing the product they purchase does actually work. YouTube is the number one place today for displaying your video content. Owned by Google and extremely popular there are potential Customers/Clients that are searching everyday for hunting video's. Google Statistics show video will engage your website visitors for longer periods of time and give them a more pleasurable browsing experience, which all leads to an average 33% increase in sales when you can convey your message through video. 

Hunting Video Marketing Made Easy

No more paper Instructions simply direct them to your website, YouTube channel, Vimeo or whatever you choose to showcase your instruction video. The 360 tree Stand Video was shot, and produced completely by Walker Media Company. The Badgerland 44 was videod by the manufacturer and we did what we could for audio and added the intro and exit information along with optimization and upload. Each video is run on our Walker Media YouTube Channel, and an original MP4 or current standard is provided to you. The best way to utilize this is a Quick Response code on your labeling which directly plays your instructions with a snap of a smart phone, it is just that easy.  

Marketing your products with video gives the potential buyer a chance to see how the products work. Walker Media Company product videos include a harvested animal using your products if that is what they help to achieve. Manufacturers can proudly offer video instructions for how to assemble, use, wear or safety. We make sure to show your products in the field and in use. FYI the TruGlo 4x32 review has a pretty cool spot and stalk at the end.

Hunting and Hunting Product Video Marketing

Video Review Marketing  

The possibilities are endless with hunting video marketing.​ We offer Professional on-site Video Marketing Services and include Photography of your facilities and game animals for use in social media marketing or your own website.  All services provided are in full 1080HD and stills at a minimum of 12MP.

Walker Media Company YouTube Channel

Each video is run on our Walker Media You Tube Channel, and your website at a minimum. We check and make sure your YouTube Channel is setup correctly and verified or we can create a channel for you. Your Internet Marketing Video can also be featured on our hunting industry marketing sites like Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection or Hog Hunting Strategies. It can also run on our corresponding Facebook and Google Plus sites. A TON of coverage and marketing at a very small price!  

Hog Hunting Strategies YouTube Channel

​The average Internet commercial generally receives a minimum of 1,200 views in the first year alone when optimized and marketed correctly. There are ways to produce video that can attain hundreds of thousands of views but you need to understand that the content is not going to be what you have laying around rather a specific set of content that will go what is called viral. You also can run your commercial as long as you want, years, gaining momentum and views. A hunt commercial where an animal is harvested can yield over 20,000 views per year. We combine multiple locations to both publish and market your commercial beyond your website. They can include multiple YouTube channels, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, which all adds up to more views, more visitors, and more sales!

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Most business will start with a still version as it is easier and there is no need to wait until fall. We can use your current pictures and produce a great commercial with production and licensed music to create a intro video or game animal page montache. Voice over services are also available if you chose.

YouTube Video Marketing and Consulting

Youtube Video Marketing

Putting Your Assembly Instructions on Video

  • Proper YouTube Account setup and verification

  • Adding active links to your video's to drive more traffic to your website 

  • Manage a YouTube Video Campaign for optimum performance

  • Video production services

    • Using Stills to create a video slide show immediately!

    • Use of your existing video

    • Onsite videography

  • Licensed music for use on your video's

  • Optimization of your videos (SEO) for maximum views

  • Uploading of videos to your website

  • ​and much more

Stills from you, or video from us, we can produce just what your customers want to see! Nothing works like video, be engaging, explain what you have or simply provide a heart pounding thrill words on a page just can't explain. Walker Media Company provides onsite picture and video services which can also include article writing or reviews for your website about each game animal, your lodging and the overall experience. Your web designer will be thrilled by giving them SEO keyword targeted articles and video. Remember that all of this can be used in your social media campaigns and your own website for longer visitor engagement and sales closing tools. 

Video Consulting Services

Hunting Videos For Outdoor Industry Marketing

Video Marketing Services Provided

This is an example of how you can use video marketing to promote your products, your services, and the hunts that you offer. The above are four marketing video listings that are naturally organic in growth, meaning none of these were paid marketing, simply uploaded and optimized. From left to right we have a crossbow hunting video that markets Thermacell, Muzzy, Carbon Express, TruGlo, and a few others and has reached 239,000 views in six years. A "How To" field dressing video that has reached over 60,000 views. A spot and stalk hunt that features TruGlo has reached over 20,000 views in six years and a "How To" baiting video with over 17,000 views in three years. All of the videos promote either a paid hunting experience, products, or that our website Hog Hunting Strategies is a premier source of how to hunt wild hogs. When you compare these numbers with the traffic you currently receive to your website it becomes obvious that video marketing will produce increased traffic, branding, and sales for a very long time.

Keyword specific videos will draw visits from natural Google, Yahoo, and Bing users as well as the YouTube network. This is an example of Winchester Ammunition products which include a quick hunt sequence and a Windham Weaponry AR 10 Hunt also using the new Winchester Razor Boar XT. When this was filmed the Razor Back XT was still in circulation and the Razor Boar XT had not been announced yet. Easily increase visitors to your site or phone by video marketing. More Places, More Faces, More Business!

YouTube Marketing and Consulting services include;

  • What topics should you show in your video's

  • Teaching you how to optimize a YouTube video

  • How to Manage a YouTube Video Campaign for optimum performance

  • The best websites to get Licensed music for use on your video's

  • ​What Keywords to target for Google Video Search

  • How to use the same video's on your website and why