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My Hunting History

Born in Illinois, I really didn't become a complete whitetail hunter until I moved to Wisconsin. Able to gain the knowledge necessary to be a successful free range hunter by shaping my hunting skills in the Northern Forest Region of Wisconsin as a depredation deer hunter. With the ability to hunt 365 days a year the complete picture of deer movement fell into place.

After moving to Florida in 2001, and thinking the deer were small and less abundant, I had all but gave up my passion for hunting. The Whitetail Hunting in Florida is very different than anywhere else outside of the South East. First most of Florida is a jungle and not traditional woods as most people understand. Then we can use dogs for hunting whitetail which makes youth hunting an experience a youngster will not soon forget. It's not because of the harvest but the sheer numbers of animals they get to see on a daily basis. Yes the deer are smaller and have less antler mass but you can shoot two bucks per day and the rifle season is about 2 months long if you only hunt one region. Then you have FOUR PRIMARY rut times specific to the area of Florida you may be hunting. Deep South West Florida rut is the end of August, Central is end of September, West Central is mid December, and the Northwest is late January or early February. That's a lot of whitetail action.

I also had no idea Wild Hogs roamed Florida, they sure didn't in WI. Combine our whitetail and hog population and we have some of the largest numbers of big game per square mile of any state in the country. So I contacted The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and immediately registered as a Nuisance Control Hunter/Trapper. Now hunting the jungles and pine forests of Florida I adjusted my skills, not only archery and gun, but I have created my own breed of what I call "The Florida Gun Dog." All of which ultimately has lead to the creation of Hog Hunting Strategies, a premier hog hunting Internet Marketing website. Being able to video all year long, it just made sense to offer the material to some of the manufacturers I used like Winchester, Muzzy, Carbon Express, Tru-Glo, ThermaCell and so on.The Walker Media Company was born. I now have taken my technology industry skills and put them to work for you in an industry that is more than a passion to me, it's more of an addiction.

Walker Media Company
Walker Media Company
Walker Media Company