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Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

Dr. Jimmy Steger

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing Sponsorship Opportunities

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing Facts

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

Dr. Steger loves the outdoors and grew up hunting quail with his father as a young child.! At the age of 12 he started hunting whitetail and grew to love it so much, he has dedicated the last 30 years of his life hunting the largest whitetail in the country and that's what Monster Trophy Whitetails TV is all about. Want to Build your Brand on a National Whitetail Show? This is your ticket!

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

26 weeks & 52 weeks

2 banner ads per show
Product usage supplied by sponsor

Company supplies Team MTW with product as agreed upon
For use on all shows. MTW will do 1 promo per Quarter
And will not use another company which has a similar or like product.

We can custom design a sponsor package for you based on
your budget. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

  • One of the top rated shows on the Pursuit Channel from 2009 through 2012.
  • Distribution reaching over 40 million homes through Dish Network, Demand The Outdoors, 24/7 Hunting TV, TV gone wild, wilderness TV, hunt channel on line and two Roku networks.​​
  • Dedicated to brand consistent product placement advertising for sponsor companies.
  • Aligns sponsor companies with community based charity organizations.
  • Oh and let's not forget about the Monster Whitetail Bucks on every episode

​Hunt Channel TV​​

  • ​​​ROKU-Live Streaming 3 to 5 times per week, plus V.O.D. Libraries for Producers - 12+ Million​ Home
  • AMAZON FIRE TV-(Same as ROKU) Approximately 5 Million Homes
  • WEBSITE/ONLINE-Live Streaming 3 to 5 times per week, plus Full Library of the Producers Shows for V.O.D.
  • TOTAL DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION: Available to Over 17 Million​
  • ​Our Digital Network reaches over 17 million homes via Amazon Fire TV, Roku, & our website (www.huntchannel.tv).
  • Hunt Channel was recently added to the Film-On Network, which has 65 million monthly subscribers worldwide.

*We are also being picked up by Apple TV Spring 2017, 20 Million Homes monthly​​


  • ROKU & ONLINE - Approximately 150,000+Views/Week. (Grew approximately 50% last year)
  • AMAZON FIRE TV – We just launched in Mid-July (2015), and the App has been downloaded over 29,000 times
  • Monster Trophy Whitetails Web page – www.teammtw.com show views 10 Thousand p/month
Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

Your Company Name – Presents, Monster Trophy Whitetails
26 weeks & 52 weeks

2 – 30 sec. Commercials per show / 3 airings per week
Openings and Closings, plus 3 Banner ads per show
Product branding on all trucks, trailers and clothing
& product usage supplied by sponsor

26 weeks & 52 weeks

1-30 sec Commercial per show
2 banner ads per show
Product branding on all trucks and trailers
& product usage supplied by sponsor

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing

Looking for Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing? There is only one and our name says it all...Monster Trophy Whitetail's. The only show currently on TV dedicated to hunting the largest Trophy Whitetail in North America. Following up our success from 2009 through 2016 as one of the top whitetail shows on the Pursuit Channel and the Hunt Channel, Team MTW looks to continue to rise in 2017 as one of the best hunting shows in outdoor television. Hosted by Dr. Jimmy Steger, Monster Trophy Whitetails is dedicated to taking our viewers along on spectacular hunts for real monster trophy whitetails. With many B.C. bucks taken every season, Monster Trophy Whitetail's is the appropriate TV show for the serious whitetail enthusiast and currently the only deer hunting show endorsed and promoted by WMCO.

Trophy Whitetail TV Marketing
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